about us

Augmented Science was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2020 by neuroscientists

Dr. Natalie Rotermund and Dr. Kristina Schulz as well as software engineer and entrepreneur Lasse Schuirmann. 

Augmented Science is an image recognition and augmented reality tool that allows scientists to add a new dimension to data by linking digital content with any image, even in analog media. Scientific media can be enhanced with any kind of digital content such as animations, time series of original measurements, 3D Structures of e.g. molecules, explanatory videos or microscopy image stacks. Thus, data carries more information, is more conclusive and interesting.

For congresses, exhibitions and museums, Augmented Science offers a new and innovative way for the participants and audience to explore and interact with the presented data. In order to experience the layer of Augmented Science, the viewers only have to use their own smartphone or tablet.

Augmented Science is still in development. We therefore welcome any kind of feedback gladly. Let's take data presentation to the next level!


the team


Natalie Rotermund, PhD

Founder & CEO


'I belive in science. Being a scientist is great! I want to connect experts in their fields and give them a tool for easy, modern data presentation.'


Kristina Schulz, PhD

Founder  & CEO


'Data presentation and networking within the scientific community have barely changed in decades. It's time to take it to the next level and use modern technology to provide a solution, that meets the needs of highend and multidimensional data as well as simplifies networking.'  


Lasse Schuirmann

Founder & CTO

Software engineer

'Scientific communication is basis of making sure that research is actually used and transformed to innovation and actual solution. Facilitating research and communication is key to moving ahead as a society.'

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