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Augmented front​

Message on back


  • 100 % open rate

  • High conversion rates

  • Viable under GDPR

  • Fully interactive

  • Measurable statistics


Combine the benefits

of online and

direct marketing!

Try it yourself.

Scan the image above with our App and see the Postcard coming to live!

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How can I start my own campaign?

You provide
  • List of adresses
  • Image files
  • Video/digital content 
We deal with the rest!
  • Augmenting your content
  • Printing cards
  • Climate fair delivery of cards (internationally)
  • Providing statistical reports
  • Optional: creation of postcard and video content
In times of reduced personal customer care and the cancelation of exhibitions and congresses, Augmented Postcards offers whole new and cost-effective possibilities to support your sales reps and gain scalable new leads despite the difficult conditions. Contact us to find the right solution for your company!  
Contact us for further information and pricing options.

Thank you!

Having trouble with customer acquisition 

due to Covid-19?


Augmented Postcards is based on image recognition and augmented reality algorithms, that allow to uncover hidden digital content behind any image - even in analog media such as postcards. Analog advertising media can be enhanced with any kind of digital content such as image films, product manuals, animations, explanatory videos, digital business cards or whatever you can imagine. Thus, advertising carries more information and is a lot more fun to experience.

Augmented Postcards offers a new and innovative way to reach people and customers as well as to explore and interact with the presented content. In order to experience the augmented layer, the viewers only have to use their own smartphone or tablet.


By recording all traffic generated via our Augmented Postcards App, we are able to provide a broad range of statistical 

measurements. Your analog marketing campaign thus becomes quantifiable and the analytics show you the success rates.

Scan postcards with the Augmented Postcards App to uncover digital content​
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