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how it works.

Data presentation and scientific exchange are essential parts of scientific work. To fit the requirements of today's research data that often exists as digital, multi-dimensional content such as time series, 3D structures or microscopy image stacks, Augmented Science developed a new data presentation tool for the scientific community. With Augmented Science digital content can easily and safely be deposited in any image and retrieved via smartphone. Thus, Augmented Science creates a new way to enhance persuasion and plausibility of data presentation.

By registering for an account, every scientist can gain access to the Augmented Science content management system and create own content in a few minutes.


how to create content

Start with adding a new project. Name it, select the project from the list and create a new pair within the project:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-18 um

1. click to upload image

2. click to upload video

3. save and try with the App

optional: provide your email

optional: give a description

How to use the Augmented Science web platform:

1. Upload an image (jpg, 300 dpi, max. 2 MB) by clicking on the left box.

2. Upload the corresponding video (mp4, max. 100 MB, audio is supported) by clicking on the right box.

3. To save the pair, click create. The algorithm will connect the target image with the video within a few moments.

4. To tag the image, download the Augmented Science icon and instructions here.

how to view

1. Install the Augmented Science App

2. Find content tagged with this symbol

3. Point your smart device at the tagged image

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